Patient Forms & Information

First Care Clinic utilizes an electronic check-in platform, Phreesia.

  • Confirm your appointment via text message or email and securely register and pay your copay from any smartphone, tablet, or computer prior to your appointment.
  • A few days before your appointment you’ll receive a text message or email from Phreesia. Click the link provided and follow the simple on-screen prompts. From here you can pay your copay, update your medical information, or give us important information prior to your appointment.

Insured patients need to bring their insurance card along to their appointment.

First Care Clinic accepts most major insurances, and services are provided on a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

  • Patients who wish to utilize the sliding fee scale need to bring their proof of income and sliding fee payment to their appointment & must complete the Sliding Fee Scale Application below.

Sliding Fee Scale

  • The sliding fee sale is based on household size and annual income.
  • The discount will apply to services received at First Care Clinic, but not those services or equipment purchased from outside our facility.
  • Patients who qualify for the Sliding Fee Scale Discount are expected to pay at the time of service.


· Slide A: $30.00

· Slide B: $50.00

· Slide C: $60.00

· Slide D: $70.00

· Slide E: Full fee

Behavioral Health

· Slide A: $15.00

· Slide B: $25.00

· Slide C: $30.00

· Slide D: $35.00

· Slide E: Full fee


· Slide A: $50.00

· Slide B: $75.00

· Slide C: $85.00

· Slide D: $95.00

· Slide E: Full fee (dependent on charges.)

* Dental patients who utilize the Sliding Fee Scale receive a discount on crowns, bridges, root canals, and dentures.

(Speak to a staff member for pricing.)

COVID-19 Resources

Visit the CDC website to learn more about COVID-19 guidelines and vaccines.

Contact our office for a list of locations providing COVID-19 vaccines in the Hays area.

Click here to find COVID-19 vaccines outside of the Hays area.